Adoption and Adoption Process


All our cats and kittens receive the highest quality of
care and they are checked upon on a number of 
occasions throughout the day. We also monitor 
and record all the information on dedicated charts.



Here at BCWR Kittens we believe that many careful considerations should be made before choosing to adopt a cat or kitten.

We make every effort to ensure that all our animals are placed in a suitable enviroment, where they will be loved and looked after.

Are you aware that a cat will depend on you every day of their life and that many cats live for 15-20 years?

Are you financially stable and willing to pay out regularly for flea and worm treatments, vets' fees, vaccinations and annual boosters and the possibility of costly vets bills in the event of illness or accident?

If you answered YES to the above questions, adopting a cat or kitten may be for you!



The minimum donation for adopting a kitten is £65 and for a neutered young adult it is £35. This includes:

- Preventative treatments ie, worming and flea prevention whilst at the rescue
- Neutering
- Post adoption vet checks
- First Vaccination
- Cats adopted from BCWR come with 5 Weeks Free pet insurance – whatever their age!

This minimum donation is necessary to contribute to the running costs, upkeep of the rescue and the medical interventions that each cat or kitten receives prior to being re-homed.



If you choose to adopt one of our cats or kittens please be aware that all cats will be covered for approximately 2 weeks for flea and worm treatment after leaving the rescue.

As new owners you must make arrangements for your cat or kitten to have it's follow up vaccinations.

If you are adopting a kitten, the kitten when old enough MUST be neutered. This is arranged directly through the details on your adoption certificate. ALL adults cats are neutered prior to leaving the rescue.

The cost of neutering is paid by BCWR Kittens.

BCWR is run entirely by volunteers and because most of the volunteers either work, have busy family lives or other commitments we are not available for adoption 24 hours a day. However we dedicate our whole weekends to the rehoming of our cats and kittens.

We are open on both Saturdays and Sundays between 1pm and 4pm for people to drop in.

If these times are not convenient please contact Katie on 07942822509 and we will try and arrange a mutually convenient time.