This is Belle.
Belle was brought to us as her owner had abandoned her and moved.
Unfortunately within minutes of admission she was rushed up to our vets as she was clearly, seriously unwell.
She was bleeding profusely from her “lady parts”.
The cause of the bleeding is a mystery and she is undergoing various investigations.

Belle update…
Belle has been In the vets all day.
She has had a general anasthetic and investigations for her symptoms.
Belle has Peri Vulval Dermatitis which has caused penetrating ulceration of the Vulva.
I can only imagine how dreadfully painful this may be.
She has had 2 radiographs which showed a contracted bladder and the ultrasound showed thickened walls of the bladder.
There is no evidence to suggest trauma and the most likely cause of this is infection- a terrible bout of cystitis, or less likley- but not out ruled, a tumour.
Belle will be intensively cared for and monitored by myself over the next few days.

Belle update.
Many of you have been following Belles story.
She came in to us a few days ago in dreadful condition, bleeding profusely from her ulcerated vulva… after her owners moved house and dumped her on the streets.
Well she has been nursed relentlessly over the last few days by volunteers in the rescue…. and is now feeling much better.
She is not out of the woods yet but is certainly more comfortable.

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