aThis is Fallulah.
Fallulah is a critically ill elderly lady who requires intensive nursing and critical care.
She is around 18 years old.
We were contacted by a vets practice yesterday to see if we could help her.
This old lady has been in the care of another cat rescue and sadly her long term foster placement broke down.
We were told there were no other options for her other than euthanasia due to her high care needs and fear for maintaining her quality of life.
The rescue gave had many tests done and it would seem she has serious kidney issues which could possibly be chronic or acute.
Fallulah is currently on intravenous fluids, a cocktail of medications and receiving 24 hour supportive and intensive care by trained Volunteers here at the rescue.

Sadly Fallulah lost her fight and passed away on the 16th January 2018 after several weeks of being loved and cared for by the volunteers at BCWR.

Rest in Peace Fallulah XXX