This is Fanny.
She has been here@ BCWR for almost 12 months.

At around around 20 + years old and was handed on as a member of the public saw her in a park being taunted by dogs… and wasn’t reacting.
She was taken into Bramley vets4pets and for several weeks they attempted to find her owner.
It was believed that Fanny is deaf and blind… and is called Fanny after Fanny Crosby, a poet who also had vision and hearing problems.

Very sadly over the last couple of days Fannys condition deteriorated.

We rushed her to the vets on Monday and despite treatment given she deteriorated further.

Yesterday morning we had to make the heart breaking, yet kindest decision to allow her to be put to rest.

Fanny was one of our SENSE Cats who many people sponsored to help support her care.
Many thanks to all Fannys sponsors.

Here at BCWR we love each and every cat and kitten as if they are our own regardless of their age or the amount of time we have spent with them.
Be it a moment, hours, days, weeks, months or years each cat or kitten that has touched our lives has entered our hearts.

Fanny was such a sweet wise old lady with a quirky little character which we will remember forever.

Rest in Peace Fanny.