This is Gladys and Granville.

Whilst their history is rather sketchy what we do know is that this bonded pair are most probably brother and sister and have lived in the BD2 area for at least the last 18 months.
Whilst at a glance the appear like well loved pets, upon closer examination they have been extremely neglected.
They are flea ridden, their coats are unkempt, Granville has horrific eye infection and what’s even more disturbing is it appears poor Granville is totally blind.
These photos were taken 30 mins after arriving and already they are finding their paws!!

Granville and Gladys have come into the Rescue under our SENSE scheme…. which is a sponsorship scheme for our cats with additional needs and elderly residents.
If you are interested in sponsoring this pair please email and we can send you further details.

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