This is little Lobster.
Lobster is around 5 months old and has spent much of her young kitten days in a vets Practice in London.
Lobster has had along day travelling 163 miles… over 5 hours travelling from London to Bradford.
We were contacted as Lobster has complex and enduring health needs that are most likely caused by a serious tail pull injury as a kitten.
Currently Lobster cannot urinate and we must express her bladder several times a day. Also Lobster has no awareness of having a poo so therefore has lots of little accidents.
In addition Lobster has unusual paws… she only has 3 claws and 2 paw pads.
All in all, Lobster will require intensive care and support for many months to come.
When we were approached by the staff at the vets in London they had been informed that we “were a centre of excellence for cats with disabilities”…. and whilst we cannot make miracles happen we can do our very best to ensure that Lobster has the best life possible with quality and function being the main focus.