In life we face many challenges however for me the greatest challenge in life is death.
Whilst in life death is inevitable, this is something that does not get easier with time.
Those who know me well know that this last few days has been particularly challenging.

Little Peas has become quite a charecter @BCWR in the last 218 days.
Since his birth he has spent the last 218 days in the Home of BCWR being surrounded by love and friends.

Peas has never 100% thrived and earlier this week i found looked in his mouth and found a mass under tounge.
A vet appointment was scheduled the following day…. and within 5 hours of booking the appointment his entire skin, mucus membranes and eyes were yellow.

We believe he possibly had a nasty liver issue with mutant cells before birth, and subsequently never thrived causing a lowered immunity… and the mass detected in his mouth was most probably a secondary, the final straw.

Peas has been with me all week and still is….. and always will be.

Today Peas was cremated and once again is now back home where he belongs.

Many thanks to Helen and Terry for all your support this week, to all the volunteers who have understood the pain this has caused and to Jody at Pet Cremation Services in Doncaster for your compassion and kindness.

REST IN PEACE my little dude.