This is little Ronnie.

Poor Ronnie is around 12 weeks old and believed to have been stuck down a grate for over 24 hours.

We were the first line of contact by the fire service and agreed to meet them on scene to ensure Ronnie was taken care of and his health care needs are met.

Ronnie has already received emergency care, is severely dehydrated, anaemic and has a heavy flea infestation.

Many Thanks to Matt and the crews at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service for pulling out this little soul.

Please note-
The Fire and Rescue Service and the RSPCA have a national agreement where by in the event of any animal rescue in the first instance the RSPCA must be contacted and attend to assess the situation.
RSPCA officers are trained however only if there is a danger to their life or they do not have the necessary equipment will they then contact the fire service.

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