Hirds vets in Halifax recommended to lady who adopted him 4 months ago. Sid had recently recovered from toxoplasmosis.
She was told he had to be kept indoors as he has been left with a head tilt and balance issues
He is otherwise a healthy and very lively boy and loves to run and play.
The lady who adopted him lives in a flat with no outside space & found that he was showing signs of being extremely frustrated with his limited environment.
He is 5 years old so probably enjoyed playing out for 4 years & now cannot understand where his freedom has gone. She understood that he cannot roam freely because of his condition & the vets suggested our centre as the Protectapet Garden would be an ideal environment to explore the outdoors in a secure setting & our SENSE framework seems ideally suited to little Sid.
Sid will remain in the rescue for the foreseeable future and will not be considered for adoption.