Sky was an owned pet and had been in a terrible accident ( we do not know exactly what happened) and sky sustained a horrendous degloved injury to her tail.
The options for Sky were limited.
Emergency tail amputation or euthanasia.
The family were distraught. They could not afford the amount quoted to them.
Sadly they did not forsee this happening and did not have insurance.
Please do not berate the family for lack of insurance… we know nothing of their circumstances.
We only promote positivity and this story has a happy ending 
£500 is a lot of money and we already owe a lot of money for Vet care… however at 11pm last night I took a leap of faith and offered to bring Sky into our care. … and her relieved owners signed her over.
As we are not a source of funding Sky will not go back to her owners however … her life has been saved.
At 1am Sky had emergency surgery at BIRSTALL VETS 4 PETS and this morning she was feeling much more comfortable.

This leap of faith was an ambitious one as we are collecting Sky at 8.30pm this evening…. could you please help us reach our target by donating towards Sky’s surgery and her future care.

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