This is TuPac.
He arrived with us in May 2017 following being found wandering the streets aimlessly. TuPac is not only a little old man. but he is also completely blind too.

Many of you will have met Tupac.
Elderly, blind and with multiple health problems, Tupac is an absolute legend… and a firm (and not so secret) favourite amongst the volunteers and supporters at the Rescue.
After a steady decline in his condition we took Tupac to the emergency vets last night, concerned for his breathing.
He was prescribed further medication, and yet another diagnosis to add to his list.
Sadly at 3.30am Tupac peacefully passed away.

Rest in Peace Tupac.

We love each and every cat and kitten as if they are our own regardless of their age or the amount of time we have spent with them.
Be it a moment, hours, days, weeks, months or years each cat or kitten that has touched our lives has entered our hearts.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who love our BCWR BIG CAT FAMILY every day, for those that support us in our work and a special THANK You to Jody Allen at PCS Doncaster who supports us each and every time in our grief. Xxx