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Advent Adventure: Jellybean

Its the Nineth day of Advent

The countdown to Christmas is really ticking on now…. throughout our Advent Adventure @BCWR we are meeting some of our SENSE CATS.

As a rescue, we are unique in that we have many cats and kittens with severe disabilities and extra special needs.

When working with kitties with extra special needs, we work within our SENSE framework

We take into account all their individual needs in order to achieve:-


We believe that in providing these 5 elements of care to our cats with extra special needs, that, their quality of life will be the best it possibly can be.

We are often questioned about the quality of life for our disabled kitties and if you wish to know more … please ask.

Jellybean loves life here @ BCWR and enjoys both snuging up to her heated bed and also playing out in all weathers.