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Advent Adventure: Mr Tumble

Its the 13th day of the BCWR Advent Adventure.

Mr Tumble had a very busy day yesterday.

Aside of story time he helped with the prize draw, auction and even wrote his letter to Santa Paws too.

“Dear Santa

I think we have been good most of the time and hope to be on your ” nice list”….. Although Mummy said I was on HER naughty list!!

What I would really really like for Christmas is to be able to stand up, run, and play like all the other kittens; however, Mummy said it might take a bit longer… So instead, for Christmas, I would like some nice new blankets for my “close to mummy cot” and some new toys to share with my friends.

I hope that you have a good rest before you set off on your journey around the world on Christmas Eve… and don’t forget to pack lots of masks and antibacterial gel too.

Lots of love from Mr. TUMBLE xxx”