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Advent Adventure: Ned and Nessie

Its the 11th day of the BCWR Advent Adventure.

Ned and Nessie (was Trumpet and Bugle) have had a very busy day.

They had a mini health check and Gemma the vet said we will both need their right eyes removing in the New Year.

They have also moved out of critical care and are now in foster care with Auntie Kathleen one of the volunteers and foster family.

Ned and Nessie have written their letter to Santa.. And here is what they said….

“Dear Santa

We think we have been good most of the time and hope to be on your ” nice list”.

What we would really really like for Christmas is to get our “peepies ” mended… however at such short notice we understand if you and you and Rudolph cannot arrange that.

Second on our list would be to have enough food to feed all the cats and kittens in the rescue… and we might also like some toy mice too… we don’t want real mice as they might be bigger than us as we are still teeny tiny!!!

We hope that you have a good rest before you set off on your journey around the world on Christmas Eve… and don’t forget to pack lots of masks and antibacterial gel too.

Lots of love from Ned and Nessie xxx”