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Agnes Update

Agnes Update
Agnes has been in the vets all day.
She was immediately put on intravenous fluids as he remained dehydrated.
Throughout the day she has various tests and observations.
Agnes a has a tummy upset, most likely a bacterial infection and has been put on antibiotics for that.
In addition her eyes are in terrible condition and is likely that when she is a little stronger she will need surgery to have one of her eyes removed.
For now she will have her eyes bathed and be on anaesthetic eye drops to keep her comfortable.
She also had a series of blood tests that were remarkably normal given her age and condition.
When Agnes was examined it is evident that she has suffered a head injury, with a blunt force which explains the front of her swollen little head.
In addition to the head injury she also has spinal trauma too.
Agnes is currently in one of our intensive care beds on intravenous fluid therapy and painrelief too and being nursed around the clock by volunteers.
All in all Agnes is in poor condition and I think had she not been rescued last night she would not be alive today.