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Berlingo Update

5 weeks ago, baby Berlingo came to us following being found by a mechanic trapped in a car engine.
It is believed he had been there for over 48 hours unknowingly.

Poor Berlingo was physically trapped by his hind legs the whole time causing so much damage.
Due to the nature of his injuries affecting both hind limbs the inability to heal in the first 2 weeks euthanasia would not have been unreasonable on welfare grounds.

Thankfully as a rescue we have the most amazing veterinary team behind us who see beyond the impossible yet like us would not allow suffering of any kind.

Over the last 5 weeks Berlingo has had antibiotics, pain relief copious dressings and applications of a special antibiotic ointment and of course lots of TLC
Throughout the last 5 weeks Berlingo has remained happy and bright unbeknown to him how seriously injured he really has been.

Yesterday he was reviewed by our vet team at Northcote and Gemma Townsend who has been overseeing his care throughout.
We are delighted to say in the last 7 days we have seen great improvement, so much so that he has been discharged from the vets in relation to his injuries and he still has 4 super strong legs and “Twinkle toes”.

Thankyou to every one who supports our work and a special thanks to the wonderful team at Northcote.
Berlingo will soon be looking for his Forever Family… hopefully before the end of November. We strongly feel he needs an indoor home .