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New arrival @ BCWR

This is little Betty.

Betty was brought to us as a poorly stray from the BD3 area of Bradford.

When we admit a cat to the rescue, we have a legal surrender document that the finder/ owner must complete.

When Betty arrived with us we routinely scanned her for a microchip… and surprisingly … she had a chip.

We looked up the details on the chip and they were identical to the ones on our surrender form… proving that this 9 YEAR OLD Bengal cat wasn’t a stray at all…. and because she was ill, in pain, off her food and most probably could no longer be used a breeding machine… they ” got rid”.

However many tears the “finder” shed at my gate as she handed her over … means nothing.

Betty has been in the vets all day today and as we predicted yesterday she has been diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma under her tongue ( a type of cancer).

Betty is currently happy, bright, eating and enjoying life.

We have opted to give her Palliative care for the rest of her life.