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Bugle and Trumpet

Here @ BCWR, we have a busy night ahead.
This is Bugle and Trumpet.

Over the last few weeks they really have failed to thrive.

Over the last few weeks since arrival, they have had 2 courses of antibiotics, and whilst Trumpet has shown steps towards improvement, Bugle is really struggling.

He has spent the day at the vets and is now on intravenous antibiotics and fluids and will be intensively nursed throughout the weekend at the rescue with the support of our vets.

We are hoping there’ll be a positive change in Bugles’ condition over the weekend and that he might start perking up.

They both have a long road ahead of them and is likely they will both face losing their right eye.

We have decided that they need ” stronger” names, so we would love your name suggestions below.

Bugle is male (Black), and Trumpet is female (Tabby) … and they both have very cheeky personalities.