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Cotton Socks Update

❤Cotton Socks update.
🧡Cotton Socks has now been with us 32 days.
Unbeknown to us at the time of rescue she was an owned pet. She was brought to us by her “owner” and had been owned, 4 years since a kitten.

💚On arrival with us she has a serious obvious fractured and infected jaw, which later, through x-rays was revealed that the fracture was 4 to 6 weeks old when she came into our care..

💛Additional to her injuries she gave birth 2 days prior to coming to us.

🖤Cotton Socks has being fed by an oesophageol tube since arrival when one of the fractures was wired.
The other fracture requires extensive surgery, however up until now Cotton Socks has not been well enough to undergo a long surgical procedure and anesthetic.

❤Cotton Socks is a little stronger now and we are currently exploring surgical options and it is estimated the surgery may cos upwards of £3000.

💙We are often criticised by a minority for ploughing large sums of money into saving one cats life, however we believe in saving one life at a time and whilst we can’t save the world cat problems for that one cat we can transform their world.

💚If you would like to donate towards Cotton Socks surgery here is how you can help:
Many thanks