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Cotton Socks

New arrival @ BCWR

This is 4 year old Cotton Socks.

Cotton arrived with us injured, severely dehydrated, offensive mucus around her back end and full of fleas.

She has been living in the BD7 area and has had multiple litters of kittens.

Apparently on Friday she gave birth to a kitten and immediately abandoned the kitten.

You are about to hear how serious Cottons injuries are and then you will understand why she couldn’t look after her kittens.

Cotton has been in the vets all day today, and had a very guarded prognosis.

Her jaw is severely broken in 2 places… one of the fractures is an open fracture… the bone is exposed and is severely infected.

It is believed that the fracture happened at least 4 to 6 weeks ago.

She has had a brief anesthetic today and had the first of many surgical interventions.

Tomorrow she will have another anesthetic, further surgery and a feeding tube placed.

Aside of the jaw fracture Cotton has a uterus infection … most likely caused by rotting kittens inside her.

Cotton Socks is currently on intravenous fluids, will be intensively nursed by our team here at BCWR tonight and will return to the vets in the morning.

We will keep you posted on her progress.