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Food Appeal

Exactly one week ago these 3 kittens (Skittles, Marbles & Hopscotch) arrived with us very underweight, malnourished & struggling with the effects of their neurological symptoms. 1 week later the kittens are happier, appear a little healthier but are unable to feed themselves.

We are feeding these kittens every 2 hours, little and often to protect their delicate tummies. ❤We administer a special diet liquid formula called Royal Canin Recovery Liquid and this is the best of its kind and offers them the best chance of survival.

Every few days we order more liquid for them however it isn't a cheap solution.
They are currently going through 5 bottles a day. That costs around £30 per day.

💙 You can support these kittens by clicking the link below and purchase some of his life saving food (they are much more cost effective via this link than on amazon)… although you may find it on other sites too.

❤Our address is 1 Ashbourne Ave Bradford BD2 4AW❤

🐾🐾🐾Thank you for all your support and a huge thanks again to @NorthcoteUK vets for all your dedication, compassion and support. Northcote are currently overseeing all our critical kitties’ care 🐾🐾🐾