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Happy Update

Happy Update.

Many of you know about Happy who we have been asked to help… all the way from Dubai.

Happy has been checked in at Abu Dhabi International Airport and will shortly begin her long flight to London Heathrow.

It is 10.48pm in Dubai and Happy will be on the night flight and land tomorrow morning around 6.30am.

Travelling time in total is around 36 hours and we expect her to arrive with us late tomorrow evening.

The traveling companion has just sent us the following message.

“Hi, Anum here,
Flight paperwork went much faster than we expected today. All pets have been successfully checked in at AUH and will be shortly on their way to LHR.
All crates have been tightly secured. Water bowls (frozen), pee pads, and blankets are placed inside the crates. Everyone was calm. Wishing them all a very safe flight.
I’ll update once the flight has landed in LHR.”

Whilst Happy looks a little apprehensive on the photo… she has now settled down and gone to sleep.

If you are wondering what happens once Happy has been off loaded from her flight… this is a really informative video…