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Jimmy Update

❤Who remembers Jimmy?❤
Jimmy originally came to us in early July.
He triumphed over adversity however since his “triumph” humans have badly let him down.
Jimmy was in the rescue for over 11 weeks his paws and mouth covered in chemical burns.
He was fed with an oesophageol feeding tube for weeks and his paws were dressed several times a day.
Jimmy has had 5 failed adoptions arranged.
3 of those,Jimmy never left the rescue.
1 adoption, he was in his home for less than 24 hours and was deemed destructive, he removed a bath panel and wanted to play therefore was brought back to the rescue.
And finally Jimmy found what we thought was his forever home at the end of September.
then 2 days ago we received this message:
“Hi this is ****.
I adopted Jimmy from you. Can someone ring me please it’s not going well with Jimmy and my son he is tormenting Jimmy chasing him and pulling his tail when Jimmy runs round the back of telly.
It’s getting now that Jimmy has started lashing out at him and me when I try and pick him up even though I don’t do anything wrong I try to help and it’s stressing me out”

Needless to say, Jimmy was returned to the rescue within 1 hour of us reading that message.
Jimmy is traumatised now and will be spending some time at the rescue, experiencing unconditional love, care and compassion to build his trust and confidence.
If you are thinking about adoption of ANY animal please ensure that this is a well thought out decision and that you and your family is fully prepared the the full responsibility that owning a pet involves.