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Lavender Update

💜Lavender Update.💜
Lavender has had a settled day and has been fully assessed by our vets.
Despite her appearance Lavender currently has no serious injuries resulting from her ordeal.

We will continue to monitor her breathing, mouth, eyes, skin and genital areas for deterioration and complications that may develop.

As the day has unfolded we have discovered through the professionals involved, that the child was given the “special purple kitten”, the 13 year old child’s favourite colour, by the very man who was grooming her.

She snook her into the care facility that she is currently in and knew that kittens are not purple!!!

She spent hours secretly trying to wash the dye off the kitten before staff were alerted.

Lavender will be at my side for the next few days and will be closely monitored.

💜I have 2 requests💜
Please do not message us requesting information about rehoming her. She is far too young and fragile to be even considered for adoption.
Please do not contact us asking for information about where Lavender was found, what area or the child’s name.
We have a very strict confidentiality policy.

The child and Lavender are now safe, removed from their position of vulnerability and getting the specialist help they both need.

Thank you.