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Manisha’s Slide and Glide Half Mile Marathon!

Sponsor Manisha for her Ride and Glide Half Mile Marathon!

Many of you have followed Manisha, our beautiful girl that we rescued from Dubai if you haven’t heard about Manisha here is her story.

Manisha was left for dead on the streets of Dubai following a road accident.

In Dubai it is illegal to rescue cats off the streets and the Government periodically round up all the strays, injured and disabled cats and dump them in the dessert leaving them to due of dehydration and starvation.
Manisha is one of the lucky ones.

Manisha arrived with us on the 13th of August paralysed from the waist down due to a severe spinal fracture. In addition to this one of her legs, severely broken in many places, needed amputation, and this was done at Northcote Vets on the 15th of September just over 2 weeks ago.

Manisha is now recovering and getting stronger everyday following her surgery.
By the end of October (weather permitting) Manisha (and I) will complete training for her “Ride and Glide Half Mile Marathon” around the Ashbourne Circular.

If you would like to sponsor Manisha and I (as this really will be a challenge for both of us) the details are below.

We will advertise the Marathon event date closer to the time dependant on the weather and we hope you will come along and cheer us on.

All the ways you can sponsor Manisha are here:

Many thanks