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Miss Snaggle Bun

This does not mean that we do not are about other animals.

Earlier in the week in wind and heavy rain we were faced with helping “Miss Snaggle Bun”
It has believed that she has been neglected for quite some time.
It has absolutely broken my heart to see the dreadful volition that Snaggle was left in, likely hours from death.
Her teeth were so long that she couldn’t even open her mouth to eat.

We rushed Snaggle to the vets who agreed she was in terrible condition, mal nourished, emaciated, dehydrated and unable to physically eat.
Her teeth were clipped and we are now syringing her special rabbit recovery liquid and vegetarian baby food.

Snaggle Bun is not looking for a home at this time.

Please can I reiterate this bitter cold weather is horrendous for small animals in small hutches. If you think you cannot look after you rabbit/guinea pig please call us at the rescue.

No Questions, No recriminations or judgement we are just here to help.
If you need help please contact us. If we cannot help we will try signpost you to someone who can.