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Mr ChaCha Slide

❤Most of us share an intense love and bond with our animal companions, so it’s natural to feel devastated by feelings of grief and sadness when a cherished pet dies.

❤This week @ BCWR we have been truly affected by a very sudden and unexpected death within our BCWR Big Cat Family.

❤On Tuesday Mr ChaCha Slide passed away very suddenly. Whilst we are not entirely sure of the exact cause of his death we do know that is was a complication of his condition.

❤Despite paralysis ChaCha was one of the happiest, loving and joyful cats we could ever meet.

❤He hasn’t even been with us 12 months however the impact he had on all our hearts was incredible.

❤I personally looked after ChaCha every day, tended to his every need and he has left a massive paw shaped hole in my heart.

❤🖤❤Rest in peace beautiful boy❤🖤❤