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Mr Tumble Update

Mr Tumble has had a turbulent day today.
What began as a average day in rescue resulted in an emergency trip to the vets.
Mr Tumble unusually didn’t eat much overnight and seemed a little quiet throughout the morning.
At lunchtime we noticed that his posturing was askew (that’s associated with severe neurological issues) and that his eyes were glazed.
We checked his blood glucose levels and they were very low.
Throughout, we liaised with our amazing team at Northcote.
With his blood glucose being so low he was immediately put on glucose intravenous fluids and has been back at the rescue being closely monitored since.
Mr Tumble has just had some dinner and now appears more settled.
It is likely that Mr Tumble has suffered a neurological episode such as an unexplained seizure which caused his blood glucose to drop suddenly.
These episodes are not uncommon in cats with brain damage such as cerebellar hypoplasia.
Mr Tumble had a lovely surprise when he came back from the vets, he had received a little parcel including a lovely story book and card.
We look forward to reading this story together when Mr Tumble is feeling a little better.

If you would like to support Mr Tumbles complex care here is how you can help, the ways you can help are here:
Many thanks