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Mrs Jingle Update

This is Mrs Jingle.

She was brought into BCWR a week before Christmas following being stray on the streets for weeks. Despite a turbulent 3 weeks Mrs Jingle is now looking for a special home.

When Mrs Jingle initially came to us we knew she wasn’t right.She was put in intravenous fluids and very shortly after we realised she couldn’t wee. The vets expressed over 200ml of blood filled urine from her bladder and further tests have been carried out.

Following 3 weeks of blood tests, urinalysis and even a specialist ultrasound scan with Roger Wilkinson with Ultrasound For Pets. After all this, Mrs Jingle has been diagnosed with idiopathic cystitis most likely caused by stress. This is non life threatening and should be resolved by being placed in the right home.

Mrs Jingles needs are a stress free home, with no other pets or children under 14 years old. Mrs Jingle also must be fed wet food.

If you are interested in adopting Mrs Jingle please complete the form below: