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New Arrival: Lavender

New arrival @ BCWR.
This is little Lavender.
She is around 6 weeks old.
Lavender arrived with us at 4am when a child in a children’s home was found by staff with a “wet kitten”.

When the kitten arrived with us we bathed, dried and warmed the kitten up and we were shocked to see the colour of her her. It is believed to be hair dye .

We have already sought veterinary advice and lavender will be fully assessed today by our own vets at Northcote.

Children in children’s homes are usually there because of toxic family homes that are no longer safe for them.

Many of these children have never had good role models and and under the influence of drugs alcohol and exposed to sexual exploitation.

Children are often given “gifts” by those that abuse them to make them feel special.
Sadly this happens more than we could ever know and believe.
These children need help, not chastising or criticising.