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New arrival today @BCWR.
This is Nimbus.
Nimbus is a young male brought to us following a road traffic accident where he has been run over TWICE within 2 minutes.
A lady stopped to rescue the cat when she saw him being run over initially (the driver didn’t stop) and he was very limp and motionless. When she put him in the back of her car the adrenaline kicked in and he bolted, the poor lady was mortified.
Nimbus had been in the vets all day and has had x-rays and been closely monitored.
The results of his x-rays are a fracture to his spine (L7), a sacral fracture (S1), pelvic injuries, and radial nerve paralysis in one of his fore limbs.
In addition to this Nimbus also has concussion.
The biggest mystery is a series of wounds on him that look like old cigarette burns.
Nimbus is now back at the rescue and will be very closely monitored over the next few hours and days.
Tonight he is very comfortable and has had lots of “happy juice” pain relief.