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Here is a sneak peek around our Critical Care Unit … also known as our Pawspital here @ BCWR.

We have never had so many critically ill cats and kittens requiring such a high level of intensive care.

As a rescue this is what we seem to have developed and we pride ourselves in the care we are able to give these terribly ill cats and kittens.

Along side the high intensity care comes high intensity vet bills, equipment and special diets.

In the video you can see the cats in our Pawspital and the diets they are on.

An example of the diets we are appealing for is the recovery liquid we use for tube feeding.

We currently have 3 cats all with broken jaws, all being tube fed.

This costs around £30 per cat per day.
…. so you can see how the cost of the right care mounts up.

We have so many generous and regular supporters… but if you would like to donate towards the care of the cats in our Pawspital @ BCWR, here is how you can help:

Many thanks