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Pen-y-ghent Update

❤Pen-y-ghent update❤

Pen-y-ghent has been with us @ BCWR over 9 weeks days now since we rescued her from under a car just outside Leeds.

It is believed that she has been either punched or kicked brutally and viciously which left her with life threatening injuries.

💙 Pen-y-ghent underwent major and complex surgery to rebuild and repair her fractured jaw.

Both top and bottom jaw were shattered and almost 5 hours of painstaking surgery was performed to save her life.
❤ We knew Pen-y-ghent had weeks, if not months of recovery ahead of her including further surgical procedures.
💙 Pen-y-ghent was fed for weeks via an oesophageol tube… and it has really taken a lot of patience, understandng, trial and error to find a source of nutrition that she will consistently eat.
❤ Finally we have found something this princess loves and can manage to eat.

Hi-life kitten pouches seems to be the only food that suits her.
It is very soft, highly nutritious.. and must taste good too!!

💙If you wish to support Pen-y-ghent’s continued care you can click the link below for our Amazon Wishlist and purchase some of this food that is clearly “fit for a princess”…… although you may find it on other sites too.

❤Our address is 1 Ashbourne Ave Bradford BD2 4AW

🐾🐾🐾Thankyou for all your support and a huge thanks again to Northcote Vets for all your dedication, compassion and support, and Gemma who is currently overseeing all our critical kitties care 🐾🐾🐾