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New and very unexpected arrival @ BCWR.
This is 4 year old Rufus.
We received a phone call earlier from a lady asking if we would take a neglected skinny British shorthaired cat that was skinny, starvng and ill.
I advised that we were full and couldn’t help but if she sent a photo I would advise the best course of action,or obtain a log number if very sick or refer to a list of rescues.

The lady I spoke to knew that the cat was almost 4 years old and on a special diet!!
Half an hour later a neighbour up the road rang my bell to ask if I knew that there was a cat dumped on the corner by the wooden fence and guess what, a British Shorthaired 5kg beast of a cat was sat in a box covered in poop.
As with all our admissions, we scanned upon arrival, and when we looked at the details, which were local and the contact number was the same as the one that rang me earlier!!
I rang the number the lady who answered denied all knowledge of this poor cat and slammed the phone down.
Rufus (new name) has had a little bath and is now looking relieved and relaxed in his new rescue bed.
This poor smelly lad should improve once he has been neutered. He is booked in for neutering tomorrow.
Rufus is not currently in a position to be considered for adoption however we do have lots of cats always looking for a home.