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ACEs: Adverse Cat Experiences

What are ACEs?

Adverse Cat Experiences (ACEs) are stressful or traumatic experiences that can have a huge impact on cats and kittens throughout their lives.

At BCWR we are committed to addressing all types of adversity a cat may experience and work with them to enable a happy future.

The ten ACEs are:

Physical abuse

Verbal abuse




House move

Poor diet

Poor health care

Berevement/ loss of owner

Illness / accident

Why ACEs matter?
Adversity can create harmful levels of toxic stress which impact healthy brain development. This can result in long-term effects on behaviour and health.

When adopting a rescue cat, often people expect the cat to fit straight into their home and lifestyle.
Sadly many of our cats have had experienced several Ace’s which means they may take time to settle in their new home.

When looking at adopting an animal, please look beyond perfection, a shiney coat or a colour.

Look at the soulful eyes and ask yourself……. can I make a difference to this cats life and future?