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⚠ Please see our Infection Control, Health & Safety and Safeguarding Protocols

Kittens are usually the first to be adopted however there are so many benefits to adopting an adult cat. Adult cats are less destructive in the home (a cats personality is determined in the womb – fully evident when a cat reaches 9 to 12 months old). They are usually fully toilet trained and inappropriate elimination is very uncommon – kittens are like toddlers and often accidents occur. They are also fabulous companions (particularly for older people) See our Purr-fect Companions Scheme.
They are often the most loving as they have usually triumphed over adversity and recovered from dreadful injuries and circumstance.

All individual cats and kittens are a minimum donation on £75.
Rehoming in bonded pairs is often encouraged and a minimum donation of £120 per pair will be requested.

…and the promise that you will love and look after the cat providing the best care possible  throughout the rest of the cats life.

We can accept both cash and card payments for the adoption donation.

Included in our adoption package:

  • Neutering
  • 1st vaccination
  • Microchipping
  • Flea and worm up to date
  • Health check with one of our vets
  • 5 weeks FREE insurance with Agria Pet Insurance
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Kitty Courtesy

Silver Whiskers Partnership

Purrfect Companions 

⚠ Please see our current Infection Control, Health & Safety and Safeguarding Protocols