At BCWR we pride ourselves in the intensive and supportive care our cats and kittens receive. We are often contacted by vets who have critically ill or injured kitties who do not have an owner. We provide 24 hour care when required and have full access to support from vets when required.

We are proud to be Yorkshire’s only cat rescue providing 24 hour intensive care to critically ill cats.

Pawspital Stories

Tender, Jet and Pump Update 1st Dec, 2023 - Tender, Jet and Pump Update Tender, Jet and Pump update.Tender, Jet and Pump have been with us for 9 days (feels like a lifetime).They arrived… read more
Zach Update 1st Dec, 2023 - Zach Update Zach has been with us just 19 days following being left on the streets at least 2 weeks following a roat traffic accident.… read more
Asym Update 1st Dec, 2023 - Asym Update Chonky Asym came to us almost 5 weeks ago. When he arrived towards the end of October we soon discovered his injuries were… read more
New Arrival: Rosie 30th Nov, 2023 - New Arrival: Rosie New emergency arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary. Rosie is only around 6 weeks old and in her short life… read more
Little Pump Update 30th Nov, 2023 - Little Pump Update Pump arrived with us 5 days ago with his mum Tender and Sibling, Jet following being in a house fire.When the fire… read more
Shirley Update 23rd Nov, 2023 - Shirley Update Its just over a week since Shirley arrived with us dreadfully ill and barely alive. She was found at a household waste site… read more
New emergency arrivals: Tender, Jet and Pump 23rd Nov, 2023 - New emergency arrivals: Tender, Jet and Pump Earlier Tuesday evening we received a call from our friends at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Control… read more
Liberty and Shirley Appeal for Lily’s Kitchen Smooth Paté 23rd Nov, 2023 - Liberty and Shirley Appeal for Lily's Kitchen Smooth Paté You may have been following our two kittens Liberty and Shirley. Both kittens have been fighting… read more
Muriel Update 27th Jul, 2023 - Muriel Update Muriel update.Muriel has spent the day at Leeds Veterinary Centre with the Orthopaedic Specialist, James having surgery to fix 2 bones in her… read more
New Arrival: Muriel 25th Jul, 2023 - New Arrival: Muriel New arrival at Bradford Cat Watch Rescue & Sanctuary yesterday.This is Muriel.Muriel was abandoned by her owner some time ago. A neighbour… read more