At BCWR we pride ourselves in the intensive and supportive care our cats and kittens receive. We are often contacted by vets who have critically ill or injured kitties who do not have an owner. We provide 24 hour care when required and have full access to support from vets when required.

We are proud to be Yorkshire's only cat rescue providing 24 hour intensive care to critically ill cats.

Pawspital Stories

Sleepy CC 8th Nov, 2019 - Sleepy CC CC would like to give you a little update on how she is doing..... currently on my bed!! As you can see in… read more
CC Update: Playful & Happy 3rd Oct, 2019 - CC Update: Playful & Happy CC update!How amazing is our CC doing?No eyes.Poor dental development. Unable to eat due to her malformed tongue. Being syringe… read more
Tokyo Update: Surgery successful 3rd Oct, 2019 - Tokyo Update: Surgery successful 12 hours after arriving with us, 7 week old Tokyo was seen by our vets and prepared for major and intricate… read more
New Arrival: Tiny Tena 29th Sep, 2019 - New Arrival: Tiny Tena (archive) New arrival at BCWR. This is little 8 week old Tiny Tena. Tena was found dumped in small holding in… read more
Boudicca Update: More energy, gaining weight, neutered! 26th Sep, 2019 - Boudicca Update: More energy, gaining weight, neutered! When you invest in anything… you always hope for a return of some kind…. and this weekend I… read more
CC Update: To Posh to Nosh! 24th Sep, 2019 - CC Update: "TOO POSH TO NOSH" Many of you well have been following the story of our little CC. CC came to us as a… read more
Captain Morgan 20th Sep, 2019 - Captain Morgan On 5th September 2019 little Captain Morgan was found in a Bradford school playground with a leg injury. When we got there his… read more
CC 19th Sep, 2019 - CC On the 7th September 2019 little CC arrived at BCWR weighing less than 500g - the ideal weight for a 4-5 week old kitten,… read more
Boudicca 16th Sep, 2019 - Boudicca This is Boudicca. She is one of the saddest rescues we have ever been involved with. I simply cannot imagine somebody, having nobody to… read more