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Hank Update

Who remembers Handsome Hank ?

Exactly 2 weeks ago Hank underwent major exploratory abdominal surgery to investigate the grapefruit sized mass in his abdomen.

The surgery took over 3 hours and revealed a herniation of the spleen.

The muscle had split into 2 and layers of fat had formed between the muscle.

The surgery was lengthy, intricate and our surgeons hadn’t ever seen anything like this before and was likely a traumatic injury such as a kick some time ago.

Despite the complications the surgery was successful, the spleen was places in its correct position and drains also placed.

Hank has been reviewed this morning and on the whole is doing well however it was necessary today for him to have minor revision surgery.

The vet has sent a sample of tissue away just to make sure he is not brewing an infection. He has also been prescribed a short course of antibiotics too as a precaution .