Purrfect Companions

Purrfect Companions

Perfect foster scheme for the older community

Cats can have such therapeutic values for the older community but a lot of the time people think about all the factors that could stop them from wanting to own a cat like:

- I may become too ill or infirm.
- What will happen when I can no longer care for the cat?
- What if I need some extra support?

A "Purrfect Companion" is a perfect scheme where an older person becomes a fosterer and a cat is carefully matched to their needs and abilities.

Through "Purrfect Companion" BCWR will:

- Pay any vet care costs if required
- Transport the cat to the vet
- Will take the cat back into the rescue when our senior partner can no longer care for the cat
- Offer regular support via telephone and visits.

We offer a link volunteer who will be assigned to ensure that everything is the way it should!