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Dora Update

Dora our Purrfect Companion has moved into a foster home so that she can relax in a homely environment whilst her owner recovers.

Sadly her human companion is back in hospital.

In brief Purrfect Companions is a foster scheme for elderly people… cats can have such therapeutic values… for the older community… but the one thing that stops them wanting to take a cat on in their senior years is the worry of what will happen to the cat when they become too ill infirm or pass away.

A Purr-fect Companion fosterer and cat will be carefully and suitably matched.

Through PURRFECT COMPANIONS BCWR will pay any vet care costs if required, transport the kitties to the vets and will always take the kitty back into the rescue when they can no longer care for the cat.

If there is little family support, a link volunteer will be assigned to ensure that things are going ok and that they have all the essentials.