Helping outdoor cats find a loving home

BARN CATS is a new initiative to give cats who are not house cats a chance at having a good life. Sometimes we rescue cats who are simply not suited to a family home and would much prefer independent living.

All the cats that come into our rescue are spayed/neutered, microchipped, assessed and given a chance for socialisation with humans. If they seem to prefer a more independent life than that of a family cat, we will endeavour to seek suitable barn/farm home for them.

Some of the cats are somewhat friendly and like to be pet. Some are more removed and prefer not to be touched or approached but we need to remember that they are all natural hunters, that can help control natural rodent population in their environment.

Introducing your new cat to their new place of residence

To get cats started we will bring them to your home and get them set up for a settling in period that will last about 2/3 weeks.

During this they they need to be kept in an enclosed area like a room, garage, shed, etc. They need to be provided with food, fresh water and a litter tray in they new space until they are adjusted to the new place and begin to recognise it as a place with sustenance and comforts.

After that time, the door of the enclosure is open and they are allowed to roam in and out until they seem to be totally settled. At that point their boundaries can be removed and bedding moved to the preferred area.

What do you need to provide?

An adopter will need to provide food and water the cats each day, as well as a cosy shelter where they can be warm and safe. They will also need to be provided with health care as much as any other cat and BCWR will continue to offer support.

We do not charge an adoption fee for barn cats, but we do require an adoption contract. Of course as always any donations will be much appreciated.