Barry and Noodle - Barry and Noodle These two cuties were adopted December 2017 (Barry) and then Noodle in March 2019. Noodle absolutely loves her big brother and adopting… read more
Mardi Gras, Cherry and Bramble - Mardi Gras, Cherry and Bramble These three beautiful girls joined Aimee and Ven in the last two years: Mardi April 2018, Cherry May 2019 and… read more
Nelson and Ernie (was Lenny and Ozzy) - Nelson and Ernie (was Lenny and Ozzy) Kate adopted these two little lads in July 2019 and was really glad she adopted them as a… read more
Miku (was Pringle) - Miku (was Pringle) Miku has been having a great adventure in her new home since being adopted in mid-July 2019. read more
Little Max (was Murray) - Little Max (was Murray) Little Max was adopted in July 2019 and settled in well very quickly. He now has a younger sister, MiMi, and… read more
Ivy - Ivy Ivy was adopted by Laurie in January 2018 and they have been inseparable ever since. Ivy brings much needed comfort to Laurie when life… read more
Gladys - Gladys It is just over a year to the day since Gladys adopted her owner, Sarah. 'It’s one of the best things I have ever done',… read more
Georgie (was Dindins) - Georgie (was Dindins) Georgie arrived at the rescue in January 2019 having been savagely and deliberately attacked by a dog in the presence and encouraged… read more
Maggie (was Pride) with big sister Beryl (was Buffy) - Maggie (was Pride) with big sister Beryl (was Buffy) These two cuties were introduced in August 2019 when Maggie was brought home to meet her… read more
Jax (was Harvey) - Jax (was Harvey) Jax (was Harvey) was adopted two years ago. He had a terrible start in life which was completely turned around by everyone… read more

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