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Mardi Gras, Cherry and Bramble

These three beautiful girls joined Aimee and Ven in the last two years: Mardi April 2018, Cherry May 2019 and Bramble July 2019. Mardi joined their family when they realised their dear girl Sorbet (also BCWR graduate) would benefit from a friend. Sadly this friendship was cut short as Sorbet was diagnosed with kidney disease in July 2019 and they had to part ways when her kidneys gave their last fight in November 2018. Sorbet’s friendship and legacy is one that they will hold close and has most definitely spurred them to help many more animals in need and volunteer for BCWR. Cherry most definitely thinks she is the boss of the household but is actually a real sweetheart if you give her a little patience and many snacks. Bramble is a cheeky little cuddlebug who is learning so much from her older sisters. Bramble was found at 7 weeks old in wasteland in Bradford with no Mum to be seen. Aimee and Ven originally fostered her but they just couldn’t part with her at the end of their time together. Their adventure continues together alongside their rescue chicken friends too.