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It is just over a year to the day since Gladys adopted her owner, Sarah.

‘It’s one of the best things I have ever done’, Sarah says, ‘and she has brought me happiness, joy, worry, comfort and so much love. I didn’t change her name I loved it, and all my friends think it’s lovely and really suits her. She is no trouble and never goes further than the back yard.  She knows where her home is and is like my shadow. She sleeps on my head and we always have snuggles and cuddles before bed. Who needs an alarm when you have a ball of fluff to wake you up at 6am whatever work shift you are on!!’

Gladys got diagnosed with thyroid problems in November 2018, so now needs tablets every day. Sarah worried and panicked as to how she was going to afford it. This is where it’s really important to insure your cat/kitten(s). Gladys’ policy is great and covers her for life and ongoing medical issues.. Of course, it makes a big difference to Sarah by giving her peace of mind too.