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After what has felt like a never ending week Winter has finally been seizure free for 24 hours!!!

Following a recent but brief conversation with a veterinary neurologist this week, they asked us to look at Winter’s environment. Obviously this doesn’t fix the root cause of her neurological issues but may reduce the triggers.

It is likely we will never get to the bottom of Winter’s seizures and even an MRI wouldn’t give us definitive answers as she is such a complex case.

We did discuss that months ago she seemed to be triggered by scented candles upstairs (that I loved) and that another trigger could be other strong scents.

Sudden noise such as fireworks, popping balloons or loud music could also be a factor.

We discussed reducing as many of these triggers as possible.

Changes we have made already include:-

❤️At all times day and night the radio needs to be on low.

❤️Fire work peak seasons such as Eid, New Year and Bonfire night all windows need to be closed.

❤️Cleaning products such as bleach, anigene and elbow grease cannot be used on any floors upstairs… only mild detergent liquid and boiling water is to be used on floors in transitional care.

❤️No deodorants sprays or perfumes to be sprayed near or in TC

❤️No washing to be done using fabric softener.

We are hoping to continue to see improvements in the frequency of Winter’s seizures .