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Amazing and Brave CC Eating Independantly!

Many of you have been following the story of our amazing and brave CC.

CC arrived with us in August, unable to eat from the moment she arrived with us coupled with added complications including an upside down tongue, no eyes, a malformed nose, and a “risky” swallow reflex and no dental development.

At just 6 weeks old we made the massive decision and she underwent a general anesthetic to have a nasal gastric tube fitted.

Volunteers rallied around the clock to feed her every hour through the tube.
In addition to the volunteers…. many generous people sponsored CC and donate monthly to help fund her very expensive diet.

We never TRULY believed that CC would have a “normal” life however we did commit to whilst ever she had quality of life and sustainable function we will support her care regardless of the cost.

Now, 6 months on we are proud to say that for last 2 weeks CC has been independently eating off a plate of her accord.

Whilst we are under no illusion that this is the end of her struggles… this is a massive step in the right direction.

CC will soon be undergoing major surgery on her eye sockets to clear the area and stitch up to prevent further secondary infections. This surgery is long overdue and can now be considered now she is strong enough.

Many of you are currently sponsoring CC which is greatly appreciated. We understand now that she is eating and does not need the high level financial assistance, however if you could continue to support our work through your regular giving that would be amazing.
We currently owe £12k to our vets.. wow.

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