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Ambrosia (aka Mr Miyagi)

Ambrosia arrived at the rescue in July 2018 after his elderly owner passed away. Ambrosia is such a lovely older gentleman who is a very friendly boy happily greeting visitors each weekend. At 19 years old his retirement days are very much underway and we hope we can have many more as he continues to enjoy his rescue life in the sunshine, cuddles and SENSE garden.

Christmas 2019: Miyagi continues to happily roam about the rescue with his friendly miaow and lovely fur. He loves visitors and continues to greet them and enjoys his regular cuddles with the volunteers.

In February 2019 Miyagi, our little legend, after spending 593 days on our palliative care pathway, died. At almost 20 years old Mr M was always such a character….. and spent much of his time in the kitchen at the rescue ( on his royal throne) …. showing great interest whenever the fridge was opened. He was always there to welcome visitors and never refused attention. He will be so missed at the rescue. Rest easy little legend.