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It is with the greatest of sadness that I wish to let you know that poor Anise tragically died Tuesday evening. We know that our vets and we did every thing possible to try help Anise but unfortunately the damage was already done. Anise has left 5 kittens motherless and all this needless sadness and suffering, all because her irresponsible owners refused to get her neutered.

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Here at BCWR we are always saddened by the abuse, neglect and irresponsibility of some pet owners.
Anise is around 1 year old, and arrived with us heavily pregnant 20 days ago. She was an unwanted owned pet.. no doubt a “pandemic novelty pet”.

10 days ago she began the early stage of labour and following a protracted and painful labour of over 48 hours Anise gave birth to 5 kittens.
Sadly these kittens have now had to to be separated from their mum as she is now fighting for her life… literally.
Her liver is failing and all due to the pressures of pregnancy and birth.

Anise has postpartum toxemia.
It is unlikely she will survive the next 12 hours.
This makes me and the volunteers so bloody angry.
This suffering, pain, neglect and irresponsibility is so ( I want to swear) needless.
Simply look into her eyes and say “it’s cuter to neuter” !! Kitten birth truly is a killer.