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Anise caused us a busy afternoon and night! This is the account of her birthing:

Anise is now in established labour and a little paw has just been born…. poor Anise is a little bewildered by the whole experience.
Her waters broke on Friday morning… ( down my leg) … and has proceeded slowly with her labour.
We were relieved this afternoon when the paw emerged…. we will do a little update later this evening .

Kitty 1 has finally arrived. After quite a struggle, a lot of rubbing and a few worrying moments she is finally breathing and squeaking…. I sense a long night ahead for all of us .

it’s been a long 72 hours here at BCWR.
Anise’s waters broke on Friday lunchtime and finally she went into established labour yesterday afternoon.
Poor Anise had such a traumatic experience.
Each of the 5 kittens were born lifeless and cyanosed and each required minutes of resuscitation as soon as they were born.
The only comfort is that she will never have to go through again.
Her last kitten was born at 4.40am this morning .
All 5 kittens are now feeding and being looked after beautifully by their mum.