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Anna Update: Sponsor Appeal

What a difference a day makes.. (24 long hard hours)

So Anna is now back at BCWR and we are now hopefully beginning a road to a restored life.
Anna continues to have intravenous fluid therapy and also a new drug regime.

Whilst Anna has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which is a life long condition, we believe that once the drugs and fluids take effect that she will come to a point where she can have a functional life filled with quality and enrichment.

Coupled with the hyperthyroidism Anna also has possible kidney issues which are likely to be transient and in context with the recent lifestyle she has recently endured, and we expect the kidneys to improve with time and treatment. Anna has just enjoyed her tea which is a specialist hyperthyroid diet to aid her condition.

We are looking for 10 sponsors to sponsor little Anna £5 per month to help fund her long term care.
If you feel you can help please email us at
I will endeavour to reply to all sponsors within 24 hours.